Doing a Cal With US? Need Help? Read On!

If you are doing a corner to corner CAL with us and are new to corner to corner graphs, you may have some questions! We are doing a little bit of information here for anyone who may want to find some good helpful links to answer those questions! You can check YouTube, some of our helpful links, or join some Facebook groups! All are listed blow! I will update this post often with new resources! Check back or feel free to comment any resources you find has been a great help to you!

YouTube. We are sure you know all about YouTube, and using it for crochet videos. Just keep those in mind for what you may need, because not everyone learns the same way and you may find a video there that will be more helpful to you! A friend, Dee Anna (mentioned below) says to use words like “graphghan”, “corner to corner”, “c2c”, or something specific pertaining to what you need help with!

Mickey From Crochet Crowd: Mickey has been SO much help to me and millions of others! You can come here for tons of tutorials on so many different things!
Below is just a few of my favorite videos Mickey has done that may be of some use to you!
How to Double Crochet Corner to Corner
How to Crochet The Bobble Stitch
How to Read a Crochet Graph
How to Change Colors in a Graph
How to Join Squares in 5 Ways (Whip Stitch, Invisible Seam, BackLoop, Single Crochet, Zigzag)
The Difference between Corner to Corner Square and Rectangle
Example of a  Graph Being Done in Corner to Corner
How to do a Corner to Corner Border

If you don’t learn well from Mickey I was also given a link to another post from one of my FAVORITE graph designers!
Alexandra Baughn from Two Hearts Crochet (facebook link below) has a corner to corner tutorial here: How to Crochet Corner to Corner

I also want to offer some Facebook groups that may be able to offer some help! A few are recommended by others to be a good knowledge base!
Click their name to go to the page 🙂

Graphghan Crochet for Beginners 101
One of my good friends Dee Anna from has this to say about this group: Here is a great group to join to learn all about graphghans and the stitches associated with these types of projects. Once the admin adds you, look in the files and info section for tutorials. There will also be some written instructions to follow. Then look under the event section for additional tutorials for bobble methods, etc. Lissa has several free patterns for you to practice with.

CAL – Crochet A Long
You may have found us from this page, as they were very gracious enough to help get the word out for us on our World of Warcraft CAL. If you haven’t yet been a part of this group, it is an excellent resource! They not only make sure you know of all the coolest CALs going on, they will also answer any questions if you EVER need help with any crochet project!

Silver Arrow Crafts Crochet A Longs
Of course we have to mention OUR group in here! You can always come to us with questions and we will do our best to find the answers! We will also be posting special promos of squares, extra giveaways, etc, so come by!

Two Hearts Crochet
Two Hearts is one of my FAVORITE facebook groups of all time! She specializes in crochet graphghans to appease all our nerdy fans! This group is for sure to offer a LOT of help when making graphs! I found this group with Dr who and since she has posted Harry Potter and working on Star Wars! Isnt that the COOLEST! Her Blog is also mentioned above 🙂

(more will be added over time!)


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