Level Up! – WoW CAL

Today is the day! Today we level up to our soft release of our 6 center squares! I’m gonna go ahead and link the center squares first, so for those who don’t need any direction can go ahead and get to work! I highly recommend you read ALL of the information provided! There is information on written instructions, the disclosure and legal stuff, the scheduling, and helpful links!

*~Important notes for you~*

  1. There may be errors and I apologize for them! Let me know and ill fix!
  2. Color Distortion
    In the images I have modified some colors to make them easier to see. For example, the horde symbol background is a light grey. In the pattern notes, it is black. It is really important you look at the recommended colors as they will point out what color is intended for what part. Another example, my PvP square has Black Letters for
    “PvP” and they are a light  grey in the picture to make the squares easier to see. Also Note that sometimes colors may appear similar or the same, but are not. In the same PvP square, the H and border around the red flag is actually a dark grey, not black like you may assume. PLEASE check on those notes before you get started!
  3. If you don’t know much about World of Warcraft and are gifting this for someone, consider doing the W or a Hearthstone Square. If you know their faction, then I recommend the square to represent that faction. Do any you love! Just giving a helpful recommendation if you aren’t sure 🙂

Click the name to get directed to the square PDF!
Alliance Center– NO WRITTEN at this time – Will do Upon Request
Horde Center – Includes Written
PVP Center– Includes Written
W Logo Center– NO WRITTEN at this time – Will do Upon Request
Hearth is Home Center – Dark – Includes Written
Hearth is Home Center – Light – Includes Written

Here is what they look like if you need a refresher 🙂

A little about the graphs.
Picking Horde and Alliance was a given. For sure. The W was my version of the popular icon that is on our computers! The rest I had to get a little more involved with. I wanted to try and give the PvPers something, and that was the best I could come up with! I hope some people love it! Finally, the hearthstones. The hearthstone to me,was a symbol of WoW being home.  I have spent many days wasted away on WoW, and my heart was there. Home is where the heart is… right? Well… and the Jinx t-shirts helped inspire those squares a little! My bestest friend wanted a square like that and I designed the light version for her. When I was finished she told me she was gonna do it in black. Well if that wasn’t the most brilliant idea I had heard all day! Why didn’t I think of that? So a little converting of the pattern and BAM! A dark version! Hope yall love them!

I promise to explain all that you need to know to get started with our CAL! But first I have some details that I wanted to go over with you. I promise its worth the read!

First, I want to mention that there is no recommended color list for all the squares to make one blanket because I have a plan to release near 60 regular pieces to this CAL not including banners and centers. With everyone choosing different squares to complete THEIR special blanket, there is no way to make an estimation. Each square DOES have its own recommended colors in the 6 yarns we have listed below:

Red Heart Super Saver
Vannas Choice
I Love This Yarn From Hobby Lobby
Stylecraft DK
Caron Simply Soft
Caron One Pound

I included links so you can check out the product information on each yarn directly from their website! There are definitely cheaper places to buy the yarns, I’m sure, but you can get the information on all the yarns from the links above while making your decisions.

Also, it was really difficult to get every single square made, in every single yarn recommendation we offered, so there really was no easy way to offer yarn estimations as well. I apologize for this.

Second, I want to also mention that for the center squares  I will have most of written instructions for corner to corner included for those who struggle to read graphs diagonally, or for those who prefer to use the written instructions as a guide. I will always have them marked so you know which ones have written. I will not always be able to offer the written instructions at the release time due to personal time constraints, but I will most definitely update the files if anyone requests them ASAP. I will absolutely do them at anyone’s request. Eventually, I do plan to have ALL the files updated to include the written instructions. I plan to have them updated for releases, but I just want to make sure everyone knows that the written instructions for every square, on its release day, is NOT guaranteed. For those squares that do contain the written instructions, this is an example of what you will see.

Row 1 – Z1
Row 2 – Z2
Row 3 – Z1 – BL1 – Z1

What this is saying, is that row one, you will do one square of corner to corner in the color marked as Z (which for all my graphs, if there is a Z, it is the background color you have chosen).
Then, for row two, you will be doing two squares of corner to corner in Z.
Row 3, you will do one square in Z, one square in BL (which is always black in my graphs), then one more square of Z.

Colors will always be noted in the PDF file of the individual square to avoid confusion in my posts. I will not be noting them in the blog.

Thirdly, I want to note some legal stuff and the disclosure.

Disclaimer: World of Warcraft, Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. I do not own the rights of World of Warcraft, nor am I affiliated to them in any way. I do not claim to own any characters, buildings, creatures, items, symbols, etc. I am just a loyal fan offering FREE graphs that are representations and inspirations of. If at any time blizzard feels I am violating copyright, I will cease to share the graphs created. Graphs are intended for personal use and to not be sold, distributed, or copied in any way. Graphs are also intended to be free for the individual users personal use.

What this means, is that I am in no way trying to profit from these graphs.

I intend my graphs to be in relation to “Fan Art”. I am a very loyal World of Warcraft FAN. I do NOT work for Blizzard Entertainment and I am not pretending to work for them. I am not affiliated with them in any way. I do not claim to own the characters, symbols, items, or anything else from the game, as my own. I own the graph I have made, because it was something I made. The file itself is mine. Blizzard still owns the rights to anything represented in that file.

This means that at any time if Blizzard feels I am abusing the privilege, they can tell me to remove these files. I will do this willingly at any time, at their official request. This means that at any time, I will have to remove all the files from my blog.

Now in my clause I mentioned that you can sell the object you make. You create the item, you can sell it. It is your product. Keep in mind, Blizzard Entertainment may not approve the sale of something that represents something under their copyright laws. I’m not totally sure how that situation may play out, or the laws behind that. I just know that in general, its a risk. I do not plan to ever sell these patterns, and there fore I hope Blizzard will allow us to finish this CAL all the way through.

I hope that everyone who plans to participate will use these graphs for their own individual use and not try to use them, any photos published here, or the complete work for profit. I will prosecute at the fullest extend of the law for anyone who chooses to use my graphs, or any photos as their own, or to make profit. I have no control over your choices with your finished product.

I know no one wanted to read all this mumbo jumbo, but its very important for you all to be aware of the risks we are taking by publishing these, and the things that can happen at any time.

Now that all the business is out of the way, lets explain more about the WoW CAL!

As you may have seen in previous posts, Today is our soft release of the center squares. These squares will be released now, and be available for the life of my blog with all the future squares.

Our center squares are the largest square of the blanket, covering a 60×60 graph. You are free to make as many of them as you want, but it is recommended to crochet one of them per blanket, as the center square. The Center Squares are the ONLY ones that will be 60×60. The rest will be 30×30 and the banners will be 120×30.

Starting April 1st (no not a joke!) I will be releasing new squares and there will be a new set of squares every Monday thru the duration of the CAL. I will release at least 3 square options per week, but there will be many weeks that there will be up to 6. They will be 30×30. You are totally free to choose any squares you like to do, from any weeks. The intention though, is to choose one square per week for the next 12 weeks. I will have weeks with extra squares with the intention of filling in spaces. Im sure there will be weeks that you may not like what i have released. I made sure to make those big releases at the ending weeks of the CAL so you can fill in some of your spaces! Week 13 I will be releasing banners, which are long squares (120 long x 30 wide) that will span across the top of the completed blanket, and optionally, on the bottom. The banners are completely optional, so if you are happy with your blanket, you can add a border and finish off! At the end of the post I will show the schedule of release dates.
Sample Grid ImageThis is an example of the placement we recommend for you. I just want to say though, that there is no wrong way to put your squares together! Your blanket will be unique, and there is many ways the squares can be put together. We do not want to hold you to what we think is best and would be very excited to see other ways of squares put together!

We recommend that when you finish a square, you put a single crochet border around the finished square. This will help make your edges easier to connect to other squares in the joining process. There are many ways to do this. I myself, when I do them, will do one row around my square by doing 3 Single Crochet in the corner, chain 2, and single crochet between the corner to corner clusters. Continue around. Then the next row, single crochet in every stitch around. Also, I like to whip stitch my squares together but there are many ways to do that. I will be including all types of tutorials for this in this post and a few posts in another menu section at the top under *tutorial links* (click “tutorial links to be taken to that menu). Keep in mind you can ALWAYS come back to this post to get information!

Another important thing to note, is that I HIGHLY recommend these graphs be used in corner to corner using a half double crochet stitch. I will be using a 5.5 MM hook and using the recommended stitch. You are more then welcome to use bobble stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, Corner to Corner using double crochet, or any other ways I haven’t thought of. I will be using Red Heart Super Saver myself, but as listed above, we have offered many options to choose from, and you can choose any yarns you like! Mix yarns, use scraps, whatever you would like to!

I will also mention this in each graph, so if you forget what hook to use, and you used the same size I recommend, then that will be there! If you change your hook size, you can use a flash card and keep that card with your project to keep note of your hook size.

My last thing to say, before I give you some tutorial links, is I will post every Monday at 10am Mountain Time (until the squares release on April 1st) to give you information on the design progress and more resources to help you learn your stitches. Once the CAL is released, the only WoW CAL posts you will see, will be releases of squares that will include the schedule in them. I will still post them at 10am Mountain Time. The schedule will keep past items on it, but will include the link to the file so at any time you want to check on an old graph, all you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of any current post. I will be posting my progress on some of my other projects as well, less frequently in separate posts, so when you subscribe to my blog you may see some of that.

Questions? Ready for links?
Have you Never done a corner to corner? Not to worry, because I’m going to show you a few resources to help you. Do you want to do a different stitch? Don’t worry, we will help you with that also!
If you want to refer to this post: “Doing a CAL With US? Need Help? Read On!”
There are a lot of great things in there that I will be updating as I get more resources.

My best recommendation is to check out Mickey at the Crochet Crowd. A few of his links are here that may pertain to our CAL 🙂
How to Double Crochet Corner to Corner
How to Crochet The Bobble Stitch
How to Read a Crochet Graph
How to Change Colors in a Graph
How to Join Squares in 5 Ways (Whip Stitch, Invisible Seam, BackLoop, Single Crochet, Zigzag)
The Difference between Corner to Corner Square and Rectangle
Example of a  Graph Being Done in Corner to Corner
How to do a Corner to Corner Border

And finally, if you want to practice doing a small corner to corner project, Mickey has a scarf tutorial you can do here: Corner to Corner Scarf

If you don’t learn well from Mickey I was also given a link to another post from one of my FAVORITE graph designers!
Alexandra Baughn from Two Hearts Crochet (facebook link below) has a corner to corner tutorial here: How to Crochet Corner to Corner

If you know how to do Corner to Corner (or any method you plan to use to make your squares) and you just have general questions, I have a few groups that I LOVE and would love for you to check out for those questions!

CAL – Crochet A Long
You may have found us from this page, as they were very gracious enough to help get the word out for us on our World of Warcraft CAL. If you haven’t yet been a part of this group, it is an excellent resource! They not only make sure you know of all the coolest CALs going on, they will also answer any questions if you EVER need help with any crochet project! They have been a HUGE help in getting the word out for us to grow! I highly recommend this group 110%!

Silver Arrow Crafts Crochet A Longs
Of course we have to mention OUR group in here! You can always come to us with questions and we will do our best to find the answers! We will also be posting special promos of squares, extra giveaways, etc, so come by!

Two Hearts Crochet
Two Hearts is one of my FAVORITE facebook groups of all time! She specializes in crochet graphghans to appease all our nerdy fans! This group is for sure to offer a LOT of help when making graphs! I found this group with Dr who and since she has posted Harry Potter and working on Star Wars! Isnt that the COOLEST! This group is also where I saw someone request a World of Warcraft CAL. This group is why we are here, so definitely join them and give them a little love!

There are also some people I want to mention! They have been part of the testing team as well as offering any design help! I will often post pictures of their finished work (with permission) in my blog!

Jess Lynn who Tested with Red Heart Super Saver
Tiffany Ings who Tested Caron Simply Soft
Dee Anna Swanson from DeezCraft.com  Tested with Vanna’s Choice
Massiel Lago from CAL – Crochet A Long Tested with Red Heart Super Saver
Kara Anderson Tested with Red Heart Super Saver
Sarah McDonald Tested with Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn
Shannon Langdon Tested with Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn
Colleen Burwell Tested with Vanna’s Choice
Haley Wondra Tested with Stylecraft DK Special Yarns

I know that all was a lot to process. Quick Summary!
We Recommend 5.5 mm hook, Worsted Weight Yarn. Any yarn works, any hook works!
Join our Facebook group Silver Arrow Crafts Crochet A Longs for more help, to check out everyone’s squares, and share yours!
Square Releases will be on Mondays Starting April 1st.
I do not own or affiliate myself with Blizzard Entertainment/World of Warcraft
Join this Facebook for more CAL by me, and hundreds of other designers: CAL – Crochet A Long

Enjoy Our World of Warcraft CAL!

While I do not charge for my patterns, I am accepting donations to help me pay for internet costs, and my time to make more graphs in the future! If you would love to donate to my cause, donate here via paypal : Donate to Silver Arrow Crafts







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